Section 139

27 May

As promised.  I go to the games and let you know where the best seats are for a person who is not comfortable with a lot of stairs.  At Nationals Park I have found a gem.  It is Section 139.  There at only 7 rows of seats.  There is a maximum of 12 stairs and it sits right over the Nationals Bullpen.


The only problem with this section is you do not see the scoreboard, which mean you have to keep an eye on the score track under the 200 sections to find out who is batting, and what the pitch count is.  Not a huge deal breaker to me.  It is also shaded, or under cover so if it starts to rain, who cares.  The seats are nice and wide and they have cup holders for your drinks. The usher who supervises section 139 is very nice and will talk to you about anything baseball.  They have an option of having your food delivered to you using your smartphone but one of the ladies in our row said when she tried to use it the row number did not come up.  So up and down she went.  This is a draw back to the game since most people have forgot you should stay in your seat until after an inning is played.  In the first two innings played my friend and I had to let people throw the row 9 times.  I was being to get annoyed and the gentleman in front of me was really annoyed with his row jumping up and down throw out the innings since his wife had a bad hip. This continual getting up to let people throw the row is hard on able people but add in the fact she was using a cane it is very tricky.    


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