Back from Toronto

24 Jun
Mascot having a discussion with the team

Mascot having a discussion with the team

Yep this was my 5th ball park of the year.  I found this trip online through a company called Kline tours.

We left from Hagerstown, Md at 5 am in the morning.  Most of the trips with Kline all start at the 5 am hour to make sure you have enough time to get there to the ball park and relax before going to the game.  The bus we took was a newer bus which had shallower steps so you never felt like you were climbing a mountain to get on the bus.

We checked into the Intercontinental Centre Toronto‎  which is one block and over a bridge walk to the Roger Centre.  Once you walk over the bridge you are now at Gate 2.  As I walked to the ball park I noticed everybody was getting their dinners at the food trucks outside.  Once inside I noticed fast the reason why.  Food there is very expensive.  It is not only expensive you get hit with taxes.

I went to the guest services desk there at the stadium to get my MLB Passport book stamped,  and got into a conversation with the service rep.   As she was telling me, the Canadians do not have the option of purchasing the passport book at the stadium this year.  Back in December when they got their shipment of ball park passports the books contained the wrong emblem for the Toronto Blue Jays and had to be sent back.  Since MLB felt they would not have the correct one shipped out to the Roger Centre in time they told them their order was cancelled for the year.

As I went to my seat I noticed these seats are tight.  Someone who is a size 18 or smaller probably would not have a problem with them but some one like me could get by but after a 10 hour bus ride my knee was swollen.  So back to customer service I went and the lady gave me a seat right behind home plate in the handicap section.  I did notice the seats are weirdly numbered.  They go from 1- 10 and then 100 through 112 in the same row.  Not sure what that was about. The field looks strangely small.  I am figuring this has to do with the stadium being built up.  You have the hotel in the outfield and the roof which is retractable making the stadium seem very tall but the field tiny.  Not sure if I am correct with this but Friday night the roof was open and the ball seemed to fly.  On Saturday the roof was closed and the ball was staying in the park.

Toronto fans are passionate.  I have to admit this was the first time I had been a little nervous in an away ball park.  When you watch the game on tv you get the impression that it is empty and the people are asleep in the stadium.   NOT true.  the first night I went there was 35,000 plus in attendance and Saturday the stadium had 43,000 plus.  As for the fans, think hockey game.  They are into to every play and know the names of the players and the name of the Orioles players also.  When Buck Showalter got thrown out in the second inning the crowd was into play.  The second day was just the same.  The crowd is young and they are loud.

The only disturbing thing I had about the whole experience, beside the Blue Jays swept my Orioles, was they have cheerleaders.  What the heck why would you have cheerleaders at a baseball game?  This isn’t football.  Saturday they had the kids run the bases which brought out the baby Blue Jay they named Ace.  I am figuring the cheerleaders and Ace are a concept from the minor league base ball clubs they brought over to the majors.  Ace was cute the cheerleaders were annoying.

To sum up, you will be in a crowd of 20 for 40 year old people, who are passionate about the games.  They are not as high teck with their big screen as the Orioles.  You should never eat in the stadium it is expensive.  The team is on a winning steak and the seats are small.  But a good time.

Enjoy and happy travels.




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