Network hits a home run for the blind

30 Jun

Network hits a home run for the blind

While I was at the game on Saturday, it appears baseball was making history on the TV.  Accessible Media Inc was covering the Blue Jays, Orioles game in a new way to help the blind.  As many of us Oriole fans have heard night after night Hunter, Palmer, Bordick, and Thorne broadcast games in their tell all style.  It may never have occurred to us that they really weren’t being as descriptive as they could be.  That is because we have the advantage of sight.  When we miss a play more than likely they will show the play over and over again.  But what if you could not see the play to begin with.  You would have to rely on your family to describe was a high strike is a ball inside.  That is where the AMI comes in.  Instead of making the blind rely on the radio announcers to give more colorful play by play a solution to this problem is to add in a contaminator that will work with the current broadcasters to add in what they missed.   


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