Weather has been iffy

4 Jul
Mascot Keyote

Mascot Keyote

On Saturday I took my yearly trip to Frederick to see the Keys play and to get my Orioles Passport book stamped.  Over the last two seasons the Orioles have come up with a passport program ,it encourages their fans to travel to the minor league ballparks and see the games up close.  It is great for the Baltimore Orioles seeing that all of their minor league teams are in an 80 mile radius from Baltimore.  Most teams are not so lucky.

Unlike the Baltimore Orioles the Keys have not been playing very well this year but I thought the evening might be great for a game.  Up until the 9th inning I was correct about the weather was dry and a great inexpensive night to be outside.  The ticket cost me all of $12 and since I ate dinner the only thing I bought at the ball park was a soda.  That evening as I parked and went up to the stadium to buy my ticket I noticed even though the team was not on a winning streak residence around the area love this ballpark for the simple fact you can take a family of 4 out and spend under $40, and probably even less if you find coupons for an evening out.  You do notice when you go to a minor league game the average age at the ball park will drop, just because the kid ratio is so high.  The weather around the Washington Area has been very iffy, we have had rain most days or a threat of a thunderstorm in the afternoons, but the game started on time.  I had the misfortune of going to the game on Disney night. This is where the ball park staff has to dress up in Disney outfits and still do their usual rallying of the crowd while dressed up as anything from Aladdin to Snow White. Needless to say they has as much enthusiasm as I do going to work on a Monday morning.  It was sad seeing these kids suffer.

Once the sky opened up and the rain started to pour I got in my car and left.  I did find out the next morning that the Keys did come from behind and win.  I also found out Ryan Minor couch of the Key’s had been ejected, both I missed because I didn’t stay around.   I am hoping to go back in August and see the Rodeo Monkey perform.  I’ll keep you posted.



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