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Bio: I am a Baltimore Orioles fan since 1992. On April 8th when Camden Yards held it first game I did not attend. I did however attend a few days later during opening week, Although I did not get the opening day celebration and speeches, I did get the experience of walking through the tunnel to an opening and seeing the field for the first time. Since 1992 I have lost count how many times I have been to Camden Yards. I have held season tickets for many years and also bought single game tickets as well. I decided in 2010 to visit all the ballparks. I am at the half way mark in my tour. The reason I decided to write this blog was there is a lot of people like me that are not wheelchair bound but do not do steps well. It is very uncomfortable and frightening for me to travel to other ballparks and not know how the seating is. Most MLB websites will give you a 360 view of the ballpark and let you pick out your seats but they fail at letting you know the stairs. One example was my experience at Cleveland. Guest services have always been super awesome at helping me out once I get into the ballpark but I hope that with this website you can feel more confident going to the ballparks and not feeling out of the game or guest service employees looking at you wondering what your illness is.

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